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Supply Chain Concepts

  1. Order picking: Action of selecting order shipping requirements for customers.

  2. Physical distribution: The activities associated with the movement of material, usually finished goods or service parts, from the manufacturer to the customer.

  3. Fixed location: System used to assign items to a permanent warehouse location (slot).

  4. Warehousing: The activities related to receiving, storing, and shipping materials to and from production or distribution locations.

  5. Public warehouse: Decision to outsource the activities of warehouse and distribution.

  6. Unitization: In warehousing, the consolidation of several units into larger units for fewer handlings.

  7. Cross-dock: The unloading of materials from incoming trucks and loading these materials into outbound trucks, with little or no storage in between.

  8. Handling costs: Costs related directly to ¨ keep goods moving ¨.

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